Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This directory aims to significantly grow the number of ME/CFS aware GP services in Australia. At present, we know there are very few ME/CFS aware GP services across the country. You will find this when you search for services in your area; there may be limited to no options available. Please join us as we work to engage more ME/CFS aware GP practices for Australians in need.

Below we have compiled some FAQ’s about the database to answer some common questions.

This is phase one of our directory, where we are listing practices where there is at least one ME/CFS-aware GP. Phase two will include individual GP names. Phase three will include allied health practitioner names.

This first phase will enable testing and feedback from the community on the usability of the database and allow us to showcase the project to encourage more GPs to add their practice to the database.

A database like this takes time to develop, and we want to make sure we get it right. The database will provide a unique opportunity to start connecting people with health care professionals and services.

Not all GPs will be experts in ME/CFS. An “ME/CFS-aware” GP is one who may have attended Emerge Australia Advanced Health Professional training on ME/CFS and Long COVID.  He/she may be supportive and open to receiving information about ME/CFS. They may be an important part of your care team, even if they don’t have deep knowledge about your ME/CFS or Long COVID.

We’ve listed practices that have at least one GP who:

  • Has attended one of our education sessions, or
  • Has been recommended by a person or carer with ME/CFS, or
  • Are listed publicly as providing care for a co-morbidity associated with ME/CFS.

When you submit your suburb or postcode, you may receive a No Results response.  We recommend you then list your State or Territory, and all the listings will come up. Please remember that this is just the beginning of our database. It will be expanded over time as more GPs give their consent to register with us. We know it can be hard to find a doctor who understands ME/CFS, which is why we are developing this database and calling on our community to tell us about GPs that you recommend.

We’re interested in GPs who are supportive, and who are an important part of your care team. If you have an understanding GP who helps you manage your ME/CFS or Long COVID, we would like to hear about them! But first, please ask them if they are happy to be included in our database. Then, if they provide their consent, please go to here to suggest a listing.

Due to Privacy Laws we are unable to list GPs without their prior consent.

This database is not a referral service. The aim is to help you and your carers find potential GPs in your area. If you find a GP in the database who is close to you, we encourage you to call the practice and talk with the staff about the most appropriate GP for you, then make an initial appointment to discuss your individual needs. It is essential that you make an appointment before attending a practice.

GPs and practice fees vary from clinic to clinic and depending on the length or what is required at an appointment. Please ensure to check with the practice prior to making an appointment about their fee structure.

Currently, we are focusing just on GP practices and GPs. But in a later phase, we will be adding allied health professionals.

If you have an allied health professional you would like to see listed, please ask them first, then enter their details here.

Over time, we hope to provide additional information on our database to help you in your search for the right GP for you. We encourage you or your carer to call the practice you are interested in to discuss your individual needs

We welcome all feedback and complaints. Please go here.

If you would like to talk with one of our staff, please contact us on 1800 865 321.

Great! We want to support you.

We have several options for you and your team. Please visit our Continuing Professional Development page to find out more.

Please call us on 1800 865 321. If we are unable to answer, please leave a message, and we will get back to you.