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Emerge Australia recognises the difficulties faced by patients in finding local healthcare practitioners who are well-versed in ME/CFS and Long COVID. We’ve listed practices that have at least one GP who: has attended one of our education sessions or; has been recommended by a person or carer with ME/CFS or; are listed publicly as providing care for a co-morbidity associated with ME/CFS. This registry is relevant only for clinics and clinicians based in Australia at this time.

Please be aware that Emerge Australia does not maintain any direct affiliation, influence or any direct or indirect financial involvement in any of the specific doctors, health care providers or clinics listed on our ME/CFS and Long COVID aware directory. There are no formal listing criteria, and Emerge Australia does not endorse, recommend, or certify any of these clinicians.

Before deciding to utilise these services, please carefully consider whether the services align with your own objectives, needs and circumstances. It is your responsibility to make enquiries and consider all aspects of your personal circumstances before deciding to engage any of the listed clinicians or clinics, including the costs involved with seeing your chosen practitioner.

Emerge Australia does not guarantee or make any warranties, expressed or implied whatsoever as to the quality of medical advice or care given by any listed clinician. The information we have listed is based solely upon the data provided by the healthcare professionals listed. Emerge Australia does not warrant the accuracy or appropriateness of the information supplied by third parties.

Emerge Australia has no control over the data submitted as per the disclaimer above, nor any control over the availability of clinicians we have listed. Please
ensure you carry out all the necessary enquiries you consider are required.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 000.